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Moody has returned from his deadly adventure in Palm Springs and settles into a deep and comfortable depression. His tranquil misery is interrupted by a series of accidents that don't seem so accidental. He avoids the mystery at first, but is soon forced to learn whether his suspicions are justified or are the result of his own paranoia.

"Dark and wickedly funny...the best book yet by one of my favorite authors."
—Steve Hamilton
author of Blood is the Sky

"Moody's sarcastic, black-edged humor and observations create an
offbeat mood and originality. . . ."
The Mysterious Galaxy

"A fresh voice. . .Breathes life into an old mystery form."
The Poisoned Pen

Jack Starr is of an age where most men are contemplating retirement. Jack, however, has just been released from prison for the murder of his wife. He now prepares to go into his sunset years living in a small hotel room in downtown Spokane working as a security guard. That was his plan before he found a pistol that has already ended one life and threatens to end his as well.

"In Jack Starr, Steve Oliver has created an aging, unlikely protagonist, who, against all odds, manages to make us root for him. The portrait of Jack Starr is a model of character study, and there's more than enough action for any mystery fan."
—Bill Moody
author of Looking for Chet Baker

"Dead Men is modern noir at its best."
—Steve Hamilton
author of A Cold Day in Paradise

"Steve Oliver is always surprising, always quirky, always terrific."
—Harlan Coben
author of Gone for Good

Scott Moody has a few problems. He's fresh out of a mental hospital. His wife has left him. He drives taxi and occupies a dumpy apartment in Spokane. He became a private investigator after hallucinations involving Humphrey Bogart. Now he's involved with the police, who don't think he makes a very stable candidate for a PI.

""An offbeat Gem....private eye Scott Moody is part Philip Marlowe and part Travis Bickle. He drives the mean streets and upholds the noble traditions of the shamus. . . ."
—Michael Connelly
author of City of Bones

""Oliver has delivered a stunning debut.
This book is a classic of the genre."
—Austin Chronicle

""A very different, compelling, humorous mystery."
—Mysteries to Die For

Scott Moody, the Thorazine popping cab driver of Moody Gets the Blues, finds himself on his way up the social ladder as he lands a job as a reporter and dates the most beautiful girl in town. When her father is killed, however, Moody learns that good fortune can be short-lived. And he begins to worry that his own time on earth may be coming to an end.

"Steve Oliver's private detective, Scott Moody,
is the most original sleuth to appear in decades."
—Rod Thorp
author of Die Hard